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may 2002 - The development of the version of the "Sigma-Iris" system with usage of a digital photographic camera was started .

There are the main differences:
  • the absence of conversion PZS matrix -> analogue videosignal -> digitization of analogue videosignal by framegrabber
  • handle of the camera on USB
  • rising of permission
  • the decrease of mass of the camera, that allows to utillize more small-type automation of handle
april 2002 - the electronics engineering of handle on the microprocessor AT89S9252 was designed with handle through the control Com-port of personal computer.
     The main advantages of this version of an electronics engineering are - absence of the special controller, which borrows one ISA slot in personal computer, and carrying out of exchange on the reference interface RS-232.
11-13 october 1999 - involvement in the II-d Russian conference "Clinical lymphology and endoecology" in t. Anapa.The operation of the "Sigma-Iris" system was shown to the participants of conference.
january 1998 - the subsystem "Dynamics" was designed.

     The subsystem allows to determine the change of signs of iridology on an iris of the patient and is intended for simultaneous mapping of any two irises (one or different patients) in colour format by a size 300 х 300 pixels.The subsystem is useful at the analysis of the process of an aftertreatment of the patient. This analysis can be carried out as follows. At entering the patient in medical establishment the screening-inspection of the patient will be carried out with bracing of the map of irises. After carrying out of a course of an aftertreatment will be carried out repeated screening-inspection with bracing of the maps. Further maps are compared. On the data [4] even During 20 of day time period at an aftertreatment on a method EOA (endoecology of an aftertreatment By Leven U.M.) in modification А.Т. Bikov we see changes such of tonic frames as: lymphorosarium, toxic stain, slagging of an independent ring etc.

Subsystem Dynamics
december 1997 - The subsystems "Report", "Archive", "System", "Transfer" were designed.

     The subsystem "Report" is intended for the analysis of a part or collection of the data cards of the database and veneering of documents for the report as histograms, graphs, charts, tables.If the patient passes inspection some times during any of time, that can be estimated the change's dynamics of series of the characteristics of the patient.
The following concern to such characteristics:degree slagging of an independent ring;an amount and square of toxic maculaes;an amount of stressful rings;an amount of the private diagnoses;change colour of an iris;an amount and power of distortions of an independent ring.
   The dynamics of change of these characteristics can be obtained at reading the database for the indicated patient after the inlet into the menu of the characteristics. At the analysis of the database for all period sequentially enter in a submenu of a type of mapping and further displayed functions. The base is read out, is parsed and is mapped as various performances, for example as a histogram After that it is possible to lead printing of these histograms in a regimen "Portrait or landscape". The base for concrete period is similarly parsed.
    The subsystem "Archive" is intended for choice the data card of one patient from the database and recording of this information on a diskette, for choice the return procedure, for the archivation of all base for long-lived storage and creation on a diskette of the patientyspassport with complete diagnostics.
    The subsystem "System" allows to place series of parameters of algorithmic software support of the "Sigma-Iris" system such as password, topica, printer, tongue, system, accessoris of the "Information processing centre" for the support of link in a regimen of data exchange, graphics mode, support of base of the maps.
    The subsystem "Transfer" is intended for transmission and reception of the information between the information processing center and peripheral systems. The exchange can be produced by the information contained in the database of the patients, and also the transmission of the substantial maps can be organized. Such operation is necessary, for example, in case of difficult implementations and because of complexities with processing and diagnostics. For this purpose the data card and the maps of the "compound" patient are transmitted in Center, where the processing is yielded by the qualified experts. After that the waste data card can be returned at the peripheral system.

Subsystem ReportView histogram
17-19 november 1997 - involvement in the First Russian conference "Problems of a clinical lymphology and endoecology" t. Sochi. The "Sigma-Iris" system is recommended as the instrument of a quantitative assessment of the endoecology contamination's degree. The report is made. The operation of the "Sigma-Iris" system is shown to the participants of the conference.
october 1997 - The subsystem "Endoecology" was designed.
    The subsystem allows by given criterion to estimate quantitatively the endoecology contaminationys degree of of organism. The rating will be carried out on frames of irises describing contamination of the organism. 
     Parameters , allow to estimate the endoecology contamination's degree of an organism, namely: slagging of organs and tissues; accumulation of toxins in subcutaneously - futty stratum and tissues contiguous to it; slagging of the lymphochannels and clusters. These parameters are estimated in a range from 0 up to 100% and are monotonically nondecreasing function from a dirtying degree. The The atheroscleroticsigns are the discrete function of contamination (0 or 1).
Subsystem Endoecology
march 1996 - The version of the "Sigma-Iris" system with the controlled semiconducting laser was designed.

The semiconducting laser works in the same range of a spectrum as helium - neon, but as against it has series of advantages, namely:

  • major time of the service;
  • greater minimisation;
  • more mild possibility of handle of power, by the definitions of a various porosity at radiation.

Semiconductor laser
may 1995 - The subsystem "Two irises" was designed.
     The subsystem "Two irises" is intended for simultaneous mapping of two irises of the patient in the colour format by a size 300x400 of pixels. This subsystem is useful to image analysis of the right and The left irises is simultaneous. Thus the correlations of violation of a status of organs and systems can be easily detected.At more shallow permission also part of frames appears better, after thatit is possible again to proceed to a subsystem "Analysis" for the analysis.
Subsystem two irises
march 1995 - The manufacture and delivery of the version 3.1. of the "Sigma-Iris" system is started.

Main differences are:

  • Designly electronics engineering of handle is combined with an automation of handle in one device
  • the subsystem "Therapy" was designed, which composition enters the controlled helium - neon laser, subsystem of calculation of effect of the laser on an iris, and also the subsystems of handle of the laser during therapy.

  •     Subsystem "Therapy" will be utillized only in the event that in the package of delivery SSI enters the controlled laser for usage in an automatic regimen.
         The subsystem is intended for carrying out of laser therapy in the manual and automized regimen.

    The laser's work

    Forming of the therapy
    Subsystem Therapy
    21-26 march 1994 - involvement in the exhibition "Medicine for you".
         The demonstrating of the "Sigma-Iris" system has caused major interest for the visitors. The reception of the visitors on an exhibition copy of the "Sigma-Iris" system was organized.
         It was obtained the honourable diploma of Government of Moscow, of corporation "Medicine for you", of "Expocentr"joint-stock companyfor fissile cooperation in preparation and carrying out of the first national exhibition "Medicine for you".
    Sigma-A at exhibitionSigma-A at exhibition
    march 1993 - In the program "Selskiy Chas" on the canal of public Russian television there was a transmission about hospital Voskresensky and about "Sigma-Iris" system.
    Selskiy Chas TV channelAt a doctor
    The work of the Sigma-Iris system
    december 1992 - It was started the manufacture and delivery of the first "Sigma-Iris" systems by versions 2.1.

    There are main differences from mockup variant:
    • the electronics engineering of handle is fulfilled on a series КР580 without the controlling COMPUTER;
    • the exchange with personal computer is carried out with usage of the specially designed controller;
    • a little table of changed height and facial platform are taken with finishings from a slit lamp of production of the Zagorsk optical-mechanical factory;
    • framegrabber is modified;
    • was designed the software of such subsystems as:"Patient", "Anamnes", "Videocamera", "Analysis", "Diagnosis", "Conclusion", "Print".

        Subsystem "Reception" contains the pointers on the following subsystems:
    • "Patient" - is yielded input and review of the common information about the patient, such as surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, place of residing etc.;
    • "Anamnes" - is yielded input and review of the information about diseases, traumas and operations of the patient and basic diseases of his parents;
    • "Videocamera" - is yielded input of the map of irises from a videocamera in various regimens;
    • "Analysis" - is yielded selection and analysis of frames and signs of iridology in various duties with further recording them into the database, if they were obtained with the help of a videocamera or input the information in schematic sort, if there are no maps;
    • "Diagnosis" - due to selected most informative signs of iridology is settled an invoice, mapping and editing of the private diagnoses generated on signs of iridology;
    • "Conclusion" - is settled an invoice, mapping and editing of the conclusion and reference on lasertherapy, diettherapy, hydrotherapy, bio-rhythmology, the astroprognosis is given;
    • "Print" - is realized output to the printer of the conclusion, reference, structural maps of irises and various quick references used in present SSE;
    • "Exit" - is yielded escaping a subsystem "Reception" in the main menu.
    december 1991 - the mockup variant of the first version 1.1. of the "Sigma-Iris" system was organized.

    There are the philosophy and approaches:
    • maximal automation of the process of reception of the patients
    • the automation and electronics engineering of handle utilized for input of the maps of irises in personal computer
    • the videosignal of the maps of irises acts from a videocamera and is digitized by framegrabber
    • special framegrabber is designed
    • the exchange of an electronics engineering of handle and controlling personal computer is carried out through a parallel port. The electronics engineering of handle works on micro COMPUTER of a series Intel 8080.
    Sigma-Iris SystemAutomatic
    Electronics of controlHelium-neon laser

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