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IRPC "SIGMA-А" will carry out:

  • production of the "Sigma - Iris" system in a various complete set
  • before the sale preparation and delivery
  • carrying out of courses on training operators
  • guarantee and service

    By delivery of the "Sigma - Iris" systemin territory of Russian Federation our experts not only will install and will adjust the system, but also will lead the express training of operators.
    By development of new program and hardwares you can refresh your system.

    About all problems touching service, access on the phone (499) 749-8539 or on e-mail: support@sigma-a.ru.

Our address:
121087, c. Moscow, Novozavodskaya, 18

E-mail for contacts:
Technical support: support@sigma-a.ru
Department of sales: saledep@sigma-a.ru
Webmaster: webmaster@sigma-a.ru

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