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IRPC "SIGMA-A" now will carry out the following developments:

  • recognition of the signs of iridology in automatic regimen for the "Sigma-Iris" system;
  • modification of the "Sigma-Iris" system with usage of a digital photographic camera. Thus handle by the camera and the reset of the maps in personal computer is yielded on the splint USB. The automation and electronics engineering of handle become more small-type;
  • modification of the "Sigma-Iris" system on the pocket personal computer;
  • series of instruments of diagnostics for the family doctor.

Our address:
121087, c. Moscow, Novozavodskaya, 18

E-mail for contacts:
Technical support: support@sigma-a.ru
Department of sales: saledep@sigma-a.ru
Webmaster: webmaster@sigma-a.ru

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