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The approximate prices on furnishing of the hardware-software "Sigma-Iris" system:

IndexNamePurposeMin. price, $USA
1.1.Personal computerSystem control 
*1.1.1.Intel Celeron 300\32\4; SVGA 2\0.28; - Pentium III 750\64\8,5; SVGA 16\0.28(The personal computer contains: drive 1,44 Mb; screen monitor SVGA, 0.28; Keyboard 101,Mouse 3 buttons.)shop
1.2.PrinterDocuments display 
*1.2.1.Dot-matrix А3 shop
1.2.2.;Laser А4 shop
 Color ink-jet А4 shop
*1.3.Videocamera with a nozzle and system of lighting.Lighting of irises, input of the maps of irises in personal computer in formats (600х800,300х400 of pixels), colour and black-and-white mode.1100
*1.4.Automation and electronics engineering of handle with the controller.Support of necessary lighting and inductions of a videocamera for filming irises under handle of personal computer.1300
*1.5.Little table for instrumentation of changed height with facial platform.Convenient for the patient bracing of the face, allocation of instrumentation of filming of the maps of irises.250
*1.6.The device of digitization of the map.Conversion of videosignal from analogue in a digital form.250
*1.7.The laser for automatic therapy with handle from the computer.Carrying out of iridotherapy.600
1.8.The analogue screen monitor (TV).Mapping of irises during their filming in real time.shop
1.9.Modem.Support of information exchange with "Sigma-A" Center through telephone channels.shop
Program - algorithmic support
2.1.Subsystem "Operation with patient".Support of the database about the patients, service of the patients in a receptive period. 
*2.1.1."Reception".Input into the base, review and editing of the common information about the patient.300
2.1.2."Anamnes".Support of a case history of the patient.300
*2.1.3."Videocamera".Filming of the maps of irises in manual and automatic regimens, pretreatment of the maps, optimization of the graphic palette.400
*2.1.4."Analysis".Image analysis of irises, input into the database, review and editing of frames of irises.400
2.1.5."Two irises".Output to the screen of the personal computer simultaneously right and The left irises in the colour format 300х300 with the optimized graphic palette.250
*2.1.6."The diagnosis".Calculation, map and editing of the individual diagnoses, mapping of topical frames, relationships of cause and effect.400
2.1.7."The conclusion".Creation of documents."The astroprognosis"Calculation and editing of biorhythms of the patient.50"Photoradiotherapy".Calculation and editing of a laser therapie for correction of a status of the patient for manual and automatic therapy.100
*"The conclusion".Calculation and editing of the conclusions on a common status of health with the references on fito-, gidro- and dietotherapy.200"Fitoprogram".Creation of the fito- agents's texts.50
2.1.8."Therapy".Support of a laser therapy in an automode under handle of personal computer.400
2.1.9."Print".To print documents. 
* the dot-matrix printer. 200 the ink-jet colour and laser printer. 300
2.1.10."Dynamics".The output to the screen of the personal computer simultaneously of any two irises from the directory in the colour format 300х300 with the optimized graphic palette for visual matching.400
2.1.11."Endoecology".The rating of the endoecological contamination of an organism of the man is carried out.150
2.2.Subsystem "Archive".Provides recording one logbook of the patient with the colour maps of irises of the format 600х800 on a diskette and return procedure - recording of the logbook of the patient from a diskette in the database.250
2.2.1.Subsystem "Passport"."Archive" with the creation of the passport of the patient.50
2.3.Subsystem "Report".It yields processing the database on a given time slice for the analysis of main sample violations in sampling the received patients.
The constructed age allocations can be overlooked and are output on the printer.
2.4.Subsystem "System".It installs modes of operations and series of padding options. 
2.4.1."Topica".The additional topica (Gunter, Yauzas) 1unit- 50$.50
2.4.2."Language".English language.200
2.4.3."GraphModa".Operation of the display in a regimen 640Х480 or 600Х800.100
2.4.4."SupportOfBase".Support of base of the maps in the substantial or structural form.100
2.5.Subsystem "Exchange".Choice of the logbooks of the patient and maps of irises, information communication in Center of processing "Sigma-A", reception of the information from Center through the telephone channels.300
2.5.1. Repayment for operation with Center within one month (without rent of a data link) - 25$. 
2.6.Subsystem "Help".Call of the instruction of operator's work, operating instruction, description of operation of the laser. 
2.7.Subsystem "Demo".Demonstration of the program's work. 
In all: 
full complete set (without personal computer, printer, modem and TV)8600
minimum complete set (without personal computer and printer)4800
    * - the components for a minimum system configuration are marked.
    shop - the reference price of the suppliers of computer equipment for the moment of purchase.
    The repayment will be carried out in roubles at the rate of US dollar on MMVB on the moment of calculations.

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