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.: The news of the enterprise

.: The news of a site

  • 04.2002 - the electronics engineering of handle on the microprocessor AT89S9252 with handle through the control COM-port of personal computer was designed...
  • on 11-13 of october 1999 - involvement in the II-d Russian conference "Clinical lymphology and endoecology" in t. Anapa...
  • 01.1998 - the subsystems "Report", "Archive", "System", "Transfer" were designed...
  • 12.1997 - the subsystem "Dynamics" was designed...

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  • 17.09.2002 - the english version was added.
  • 08.07.2002 - "Theory" was added.
  • 27.05.2002 - "Registration" was added.
  • 20.05.2002 - "F.A.Q." was added.
  • 13.05.2002 - "Ordering" was added.
  • 06.05.2002 - the price-list was recreated.
  • 29.04.2002 - the development of essentials of a site was completed.
  • 15.04.2002 - the concept of a site was designed.
  • 08.04.2002 - the development of new design of a site was started.

.: What is the "SIGMA-IRIS" system?

.: Where the "SIGMA-IRIS" system works?

The system in work    The "Sigma-Iris" system - the automated workplace of IRIDOLOG-ENDOECOLOG provides:
  • the screening inspection of a general status of the organism
  • the neinvasive analysis of a general status of the organism
  • the correction of a status of the organism
Sanatoriums   The "Sigma-Iris" system works in hospitals, sanatoriums, improve-preventive complexes, first-aid:
  • The Moscow area:
      the settlement "Voskresenskoe", the settlement hospital from 12.1991, Sanatorium "Ozero Beloe" 2 systems from 12.1992 and from 08.1995
  • c. Moscow
      MSCh RAO ES Russia from 06.1994
      The ophthalmologist, academician, professor Pankov O.P. from 10.1997.

To look more in detail...

To look more in detail...

.: The structure of the "SIGMA-IRIS" system

.: The software of the system

General view of the system    There are such components in structure of the system:
  • the personal computer
  • the obverse platform for the patient
  • the little table of changeable height for installation of the equipment
  • videocamera and illumination
  • the framegrabber for digitization of images of irises
  • the modem for an exchange of the information with the CENTRE
  • the iridotherapy laser
Programs   The program-algorithmic maintenance of the system allows:
  • to conduct a database of the patients
  • to take the image of irises
  • to analyze signs of iridology
  • to display two irises and dynamics of a status
  • to print the documents on a status of health of the patients

To look more in detail...

To look more in detail...

Our address:
121087, c. Moscow, Novozavodskaya, 18

E-mail for contacts:
Technical support: support@sigma-a.ru
Department of sales: saledep@sigma-a.ru
Webmaster: webmaster@sigma-a.ru

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