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Wich of doctor support the "Sigma-Iris" system?
Wich of doctor support the "Sigma-Iris" system? Wich of doctor support the "Sigma-Iris" system? The academician, professor Oleg Pavlovich Pankov to carry put the support of "Sigma-Iris" system on iridodiagnosis and quantum therapy. The professor Yuriy Markovich Levin (www.levin-endo.narod.ru) - on endoecology.
What are the delivery schedule of the "Sigma-Iris" system?
In the case of system"s presence on the store house the delivery schedule are determing by the delivery schedule, in the case of absence (after the marking of contract) - 1.5-2 months.
It is possible to take course of iridology?
The courses are organized according as listeners are concentrating. You may looking for the announcements.
How the learning of the "Sigma-Iris" systems"s operators is carry out?
The learning of the "Sigma-Iris" systems"s operators is carry out at the courses according as the listeners are concentrating or during the supply and setup of the system.

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