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The Sigma-Iris system in work General view of the Sigma-Iris system

Possibilities of the system are:

  • to have a look inside of an organism remotely and objective spot of contamination degree;
  • to compare to the data of an anamnesis, laboratory and other researches to make the conclusion about a status of protective forces of an organism;
  • to spot vulnerable systems (organs, function) of organism.

"Sigma-Iris" is functionly concluded system of a room type and is intended for:

  • the automized putting off the characteristics of a status of irises for the patient;
  • the automized output of the diagnosis - prognosis and conclusion about a status of health of the patient;
  • the automized output of the references of laser therapy, dietetics, phytotherapy, bioritmology and hydrotherapy for the inspected patient;
  • the automized support of a data bank on total characteristics, substantial and structural maps of irises of the patient;
  • quantum iridotherapy in manual and automatic regimens;
  • the archivation of the information about the patients;
  • carrying out of statistical calculations on base and output of documents as graphics dependences;
  • of information interchange with center of information processing in c. Moscow;
  • carrying out endoecological analysis of a status of the patient;
  • printing of documents and colour maps.

The "Sigma-Iris" system - automatic workstation of the iridolog-endoecolog provides:

  • input and storage of the information about a common status of the patient, case history, traumas operations, case history of the parents;
  • obtaining of the maps of irises (colour and black-and-white) in the digitized sort in an automatic duty;
  • image processing of irises on detection of various types of signs of iridology and filing them into the database;
  • support of the database under the substantial and structural maps of irises;
  • the automized processing of signs of iridology for the definition of a common status of health of the patient, definition of the individual diagnoses;
  • preparation of the conclusion;
  • the endoecological analysis of a patients status;
  • creation of the references on laser correction of a endoecological status of the patient;
  • creation of the dieto-, gidro- and phytotherapy with the registration of the bioritmology;
  • printing of the private diagnoses, colour maps of irises, endoecological conclusion, references on therapy, reports;
  • quantum and laser therapy in manual and automatic regimens;
  • archivation of the information and creation of the passport of the patient on a diskette with possibility of independent operation;
  • analysis of the database and creation of account documents;
  • exchange of information with Center of processing and support of the common database.

Our address:
121087, c. Moscow, Novozavodskaya, 18

E-mail for contacts:
Technical support: support@sigma-a.ru
Department of sales: saledep@sigma-a.ru
Webmaster: webmaster@sigma-a.ru

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